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How to check Hemoglobin

How to check Hemoglobin What is Hemoglobin: Hemoglobin is abbreviated as HGB or Hb. Hemoglobin is a special protein that transports oxygen in red blood cells. It is a protein makes blood to look as red. It is composed of globin and heme. Its globin part is tetramer composed of two pairs of different globin chains (α chain and β chain). body. Nowadays, the International System of Units is adopted in a unified manner, and the number of hemoglobin in the blood per liter (1,000 milliliters) is subject to change. The value of hemoglobin and red blood cells is similar. The increase and decrease of hemoglobin can refer to the clinical significance of the increase and decrease of red blood cells. Hemoglobin Level Reference: The hemoglobin reference value varies slightly depending on gender and age. The reference range is as follows: 1. Male: 120~165g/L (12.0~16.5g/dl) 2. Female: 110~150g/L (11.0~15.0g/dl) 3. Newborn: 180~190g/L (18~19g/dl) 4. Children: 120~140g/L (12~14g/dl)

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